Welcome to the World of BKGSM - Brahma Kumaris' Godly Service on Mobiles...

Brahma Kumaris' Aim is to Extend the Godly Spiritual Teachings to Every Being
in Order to Enable People Experience & Embody Peace of Mind and Ever-lasting Happiness.

...and in present times, mobiles are the medium through which we can connect with one and all.

Free SMS Service Registration Form: http://www.bkgsm.org/FREE_SMS_SEWA_REG.FORM.xls

Daily Spiritual & Inspiration SMS Service: http://www.bkgsm.org/Daily_SMS_Service.html

The SMS Service of Brahma Kumaris is being managed by Ultimate Solutions, Ahmedabad.

To know more about sms service, please visit www.SMSClub.co.in or www.SMSEmpower.com

For International Daily SMS Service, please click here.


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